My family lives in the traditional Japanese house of the 120 years old.

We repaired the house which was unoccupied in spite of being pleasure.

Houseroom, glass studio and small vegetable garden were reclaimed. Slowly slowly...

​We hold workshop regularly and think that I want people visiting here to feel Japanese nostalgia and fun of glass working.

Nature of this town is very beautiful throughout the year.

Much snow falls in winter.

Snow changes our village in the mysterious white world.

​Glass worker

林 和 浩 / Kazuhiro Hayashi

Lampwork / Fusing / Stained-glass

2002年 近畿大学理工学部建築学科卒

2003年 アメリカ・オレゴン州でランプワークを学ぶ。Bob snodgrassに師事。

2014年 静岡県南伊豆でステンドグラスとガラスフュージングを学ぶ。正司ベンに師事。

2016年 滋賀県米原市に移住。築120年の古民家のセルフリノベーションをスタート。

​2020年 自宅2Fの屋根裏部屋に「YANEURA」をオープン。

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